7th January 2022

AMC related research

We have strong research teams and have a broad range of research skills that are relevant to the scope of AMC. These include manufacturing light weight structures and offsite constructions; manufacturing and implementation of advanced composites and smart materials, i.e. fibre reinforced composites and shape memory alloys; novel manufacturing methods of civil engineering structures and materials, i.e. 3D printing of structural materials and components; Low carbon, energy efficient manufacturing and infrastructures, i.e. manufacturing and deployment of floating Photovoltaic (FPV) panels.

Discrete Event Simulation (DES), a method of modelling a system by evaluating a series of activities at the time they occur, or by evaluation at set points in time (every second, for example) with no change assumed to have occurred between the time. This type of simulation is well suited for activity-based operational modelling where the complexity of continuous simulation is not required. DES is typically used to understand and improve the performance of a system e.g. through research and development, for design evaluation, or for processes already in operation This is available to regional businesses through the Construction Futures Research Centre (CFRC) offering supply chain process improvement opportunities linked to AMC. The CFRC & New Brunswick University have formed ICRA (International Construction Research Alliance) to exchange ideas and best practice on advanced manufacturing and offsite construction. Linked to commercial businesses in both countries. This not only conjoins offsite best practice, but also provides a platform for commercial exploitation and wider business dissemination across both countries.

We have research expertise in this area, some of the key impacts include:-

•            Changes in industry through the development of new products and processes co-created with the Sustainability and Construction Futures Research and Innovation Centre (CFRC).

•            Increased business turnover and job creation from the transformation of design, manufacture and construction processes within the high value ventilation sector.

•            The establishment of new Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) companies focusing on delivering construction sector services.